Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 28 May 2012


A9 TV; 28 May 2012

(Concerning cancer)

Cancer can in fact be treated very well. People used to think that when one had cancer there was a very good chance of dying. There is drug therapy; that takes out whatever one has inside, like washing one’s insides out with detergent. Treatment is possible. But one has to keep one’s spirits up and stay happy and be well looked after. Cancer has now become something like flu or a cold. One has to keep in good spirits. There have to be people around one. People must not bring one bad news. One must not be sad. One must not anger the person, and then it will be fine, insha’Allah.

(On a statement by British Minister of Education Michael Gove, saying they have given 24,000 copies of the King James Bible to all primary and middle schools in England and will distribute the same number of copies of the Holy Qur’an if they are donated.)

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have a ton of cash, for instance. They go off and buy golf courses. They buy clubs. You should do something good and auspicious. Buy a million copies of the Qur’an and hand them out. They will give Allah’s goods to Allah. It will happen if we insist, insha’Allah.

 We say to Allah, “O Lord, cool us down.” “Press the button so I can cool you down”, says Almighty Allah. He makes that His instrument. It is also Allah Who presses the button. Allah gives us an image of a machine in our brains. Every house’s front door is one dimension. Suddenly that door opens onto a while new world. You leave that dimension for a brand new world. Doors and windows are all one dimension. Blessings are a doorway. Blessings and beauty and friends come through the door. They come and go through the door. There are also doors in paradise, and in hell. They are all a dimension. Where did you leave through? “I left through the door.” What door? The door in your head.

Scientifically, you say, “This clock was made in a factory.” But the factory does not make it. Allah makes it in our brains. So now what will you do? So much for the existence of Allah being unable to be proved scientifically! We believe it exists on the outside. But nobody knows what the clock on the outside looks like. Only Allah knows its form on the outside. “Someone must have made it,” you say. You have proved it scientifically. If you say it was made by someone, then you have accepted the existence of Allah in the same way because Allah obviously creates it in your brain.

 Muslims must join together in Islamic Unity. What is needed for unity? If a person does not feel a powerful love, he will not come. He will not come if he does not feel loved. I told the people of Armenia, “Come and let us be united.” Some people came, but they were given a terribly hard time. They saw no love. So they left and that was the end of it. They really wanted to unite with Turkey but they gave up when they saw no love. Icy faces and an icy, bureaucratic way of speaking are no good. Fake love is no good, either. There has to be true love. People will not even talk to their own mothers or fathers in the absence of true love. A country will not negotiate if its people do not feel love. Love is the solution. You can hold all the meetings you like, but it is impossible if people are arrogant and put on airs.

 People ask about the wisdom behind the Mahdi (pbuh) being known as the “Qaim.” Our Prophet (saas) answers; “The reason he is known as the Qaim is that he will appear when people think he is dead, defeated, that he will not come, that there will be no such consolation.” He says that is where the nickname “al-Qaim” comes from.

Hazrat Mawlana says;

“O seeker after the path, Hazrat Mahdi is that too. He is the Hadi. He is both hidden and seated in front of you.” Masha’Allah, Mawlana says that. Look, “If you look carefully, you will see him,” he says.

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