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Because of the dajjali system, the world cannot appreciate ladies. However, ladies are the greatest blessings in this world and in Heaven.


Being emotional is dangerous. It clouds the judgment and makes people unstable. Melancholy drags people into a schizoid state of mind.


Beauty belongs to God alone. God creates all beauties and God brings together the sincere people. Power belongs solely to God. God gives the Mahdi a metaphysical power against the dajjali system.


Believers, for the sake of God, always act in earnest. God helps those genuine Muslims, who use all their resources for God’s sake.


Believers get healthier by forgiving. Forgiveness is the basic component of love, passion and friendship. Without forgiveness, there can be no love.


Bodies belong to God. People hurt because they want to think that they are the owners of their bodies. If they understood that God owned their bodies, they wouldn't feel any pain.


Because God is very merciful, He always gives people time but many people misunderstand this time they are given. A believer should not forget God even for a second.


Being religious does not mean being stern and serious. On the contrary, religion brings quality, fun, happiness and beauty to life.


Being jealous of women should mean being protective of her, taking care of her, respecting her, honoring her. Being jealous of women shouldn't mean suspecting her, doubting her, spying on her: That would be insulting her.


Believers are brothers and sisters and take care of each other like they would with their children. This is true for me and my friends.


Both President Trump and President Putin are honest and sincere people. They are perfect in their stance towards the British deep state.


Being prejudiced is humiliating. Believers on the other hand, are sensible and approach matter in a reasonable manner. Personally, I can never accept to be prejudiced.


Believers should respect and feel compassion for atheists. Atheists are honestly admitting that they cannot believe. They don't lie.


Both Atatürk and Bediuzzaman were blessed people who were vanguards of Mahdi.


By the grace of God, we will see Prophet Jesus. We will see him with his original attire and personal belongings. He will look young despite being not very young.


Believers are responsible for doing the best they can to earn the love of God. A believer should not settle with mediocre goodness, they should aim for the best.

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By means of the difficulties and trials in this life, we will be able to appreciate the beauties of Heaven more.


Being loved and respected makes people happy. In the absence of love, people cannot find happiness no matter where they are or where they go.


Because the traditional orthodox understanding of Islam has shown prayer (salat) as if it is too complicated to perform, many stay away from prayer.


Believers are willing to forgive, they don't hold grudges, they contain their anger. No subject turns into a matter of tension between believers.

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1-20 / Total: 411
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