Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

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Chemistry is a very exciting field of science. It is one of the areas where Allah’s Artistry is best displayed.


Compassion and a loving attitude must dominate in workplaces. If an employee is laid off, the employer should help him find a new job.


Children should be treated like adults, not like children. They should feel like they are respected. Then they will listen and be educated.


Children should be educated in a fun manner, in a natural, pleasant setting. Education shouldn't bore or tire the children.


Causing civilian deaths with air strikes is murder; it is definitely not “collateral damage”.


Coincidence is another name for superstition. Coincidences should not be presented as science. As a matter of fact, evolution is a superstition left over from the Sumerians.


Concentration exercises can help improve the attention span. By the grace of God, constant exercise will help solve the problem.


Children should be disciplined with love, with compassion, with kind words. Otherwise, they could be negatively affected on a subconscious level.


Children are the joy of the world. Many people do not realize how a great gift the children are.


Children should never be subjected to a tense environment. The only thing they witness should be love, compassion and respect.


Children’s minds should not be filled with information they won’t ever use in their lives. Children should learn about the world and see the advantages of the education they are given.


Children should be given basic medical skills. Everyone, not just medical school students, should know about basic life-saving skills. Children should also learn arts and should be taught how to make everything more beautiful and aesthetic.


Children should be educated in a fun, conversational manner. Children should understand why it is important that they receive education.


Claiming that Islam is founded on only five pillars is not right. Islam commands the observation of all the verses in the Qur’an.


Cats are able to display their affection very beautifully. They are also very clean animals.


Certain circles are trying to condemn Muslims to a joyless, dull life with no beauties or art. It is because they know that people would flock to Islam if they understand the freedom offered by Islam.

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Conservative ladies and modern ladies should be equally respected no matter what they choose to wear.


Certain circles are in a state of panic, because we are exposing the British deep state and will continue to do so.


Certain circles don't want people to know that Islam is very easy to practice. Because if that truth is known, they know that Islamic morality will quickly spread around the world.


Condemnation will not end terrorism. The solution to terror lies in putting an intellectual end to Darwinism which, in a twisted way, regards man as an animal.

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1-20 / Total: 207
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