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May God give Georgia and all our neighbors prosperity, peace and comfort. By the grace of God, soon visas will be removed with all of our neighbors.


Most of my friends have been with me for 25 to 30 years. My friends, moth men and women, are exemplary with their loyalty and sublime moral values.


Modern Islam means the Islam that was lived at the time of our Prophet (saas).


Many people don't know about God’s constant gifts to His sincere servants. Persistently sincere, righteous people will always win.


Music, art, dance etc., they are all allowed by Islam. Some circles limit the freedom of people for no reason. Let the people live comfortably in peace, with joy. Due to their self-made and unnecessary rules, they are turning life into a living hell. Without love, arts and music, life itself becomes hellish.

resmi büyüt

Marriage should be based on a desire to please God. While choosing a significant other, one must ask if that person is devoted to God. In choosing spouses, one must choose a partner for eternity and see if they love God, intellectually work to spread Islam and is selfless or not.


May God make us the followers of the Mahdi and Jesus. May God make us see the beautiful and blessed reign of Islam.


Making practical jokes that could harm people is inconsiderate and could cause serious injuries.


Marxism, Leninism and Darwinist/materialist ideologies can be eradicated only through science. Ending these philosophies by means of science is akin to destroying the basis of terrorism.


Muslims are immaculately clean in Ramadan, and pay particular attention to their dental hygiene.


Many people have a sixth sense, but it is weak. Many people feel it before something big happens. Animals also have that sense.


Muslims are happiest when they pray to God, focus their attention on God. There is nothing more pleasurable than loving God.


Most of my friends have been by my side for more than 30 years. Because of their faith in God, they are still very beautiful and young even after all those years.


My friends are very compassionate, loving, merciful, down-to-earth, humble people and do not have prejudices.


My sole philosophy in life is to pursue and work for the approval of God in everything I do, in the utmost level possible.


Making children happy is an incredible joy.


Muslims should be kind, compassionate and friendly towards everyone. A loving disposition will always lead to positive results.


Most of the time people’s relationships are based on the sole purpose of irritating each other. They mock, irritate and upset each other. But they all hurt in the end.


Marriage is a lifetime promise of friendship. How can a person leave someone whom he hopes to be friends in Heaven? This could never happen.


Muslims cannot afford to be romantics, while there are people waiting for help all around the world. We should always act with the wisdom offered in the Qur’an.

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1-20 / Total: 548
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