Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

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This is the time of the Mahdi. It is clear that God’s name ‘Al-Hadi’ (The One, Who continually shows the right way) is surrounding the youth.


Nothing ever ceases to exist. Everything that happened will forever continue to exist in the sight of God.


Sleep is a form of death. Every person, in a way, dies every night and comes back to life in the morning. Waking up from death will be like waking up to real life from a lucid dream.


Starting with the moment of their death, there will no longer be any fear for believers.


Putin is an intelligent and brave leader. He might have made mistakes like everyone else but overall, it is clear that he means well and is sincere.


Because of the dajjali system, the world cannot appreciate ladies. However, ladies are the greatest blessings in this world and in Heaven.


Our Prophet (saas) was ummi. Prophet Abraham (pbuh) did not graduate from a school. But all the prophets were incredibly refined and wise. A person who is sincerely very close to God becomes a very high quality person.


May God give Georgia and all our neighbors prosperity, peace and comfort. By the grace of God, soon visas will be removed with all of our neighbors.


Most of my friends have been with me for 25 to 30 years. My friends, moth men and women, are exemplary with their loyalty and sublime moral values.


A lady who was subjected to harassment or rape has no reason to feel shame. She has not done anything wrong. The one that should feel shame, that should be punished, is that repulsive criminal.


A person with no love or fear of God doesn't feel remorse. However, believers regret their mistakes with fear that they could lose God’s love.


Inactivity is not good for the body. Young people should not sit in front of a computer for hours; they should be energetic and lively.


Modern Islam means the Islam that was lived at the time of our Prophet (saas).


Some people are prejudiced against religion because they’ve seen the horrors of the bigoted mindset. However, true religion is the opposite of that.


Freedom will boost both creativity and artistic talent. Social pressure is the reason behind the artistic stagnation in Turkey.


World peace will happen with love for God, with fear of God and will be led by the Mahdi movement.


God creates and God takes away life. A believer won't feel sad to see a beloved pass. They’ll be happy because their beloved is now with God.


It’s great that our youngsters are very kind and caring. Their love and protectiveness towards disabled people is commendable.


The best way to express love is sincerity. Ladies hate pickup lines, or dishonest compliments. Ladies can spot dishonesty immediately.


Being emotional is dangerous. It clouds the judgment and makes people unstable. Melancholy drags people into a schizoid state of mind.

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21-40 / Total: 13476
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