Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

Sheikh Ahmet Yasin; Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is alive

Mahdi (a.s.) is alive. We do know that blessed one is alive. We know that he started his services ever since the 70's, .. that he had immensely increased his services especially in 80's.. And that he has been increasing his services every passing day, as the time of appearance draws nearer .. and we do pray for him from the spiritual world so that; insha'Allah may we become his soldiers. - In his conversation last night, Master Adnan, May Allah be pleased with him, from his grace, kindness and favour, .. I mean it is because of his humiliy, he said :"I pray Allah, insha'Allah, may his highness Sheikh Nazim be the Mahdi (as)." We of course would pray for that insha'Allah. But only he, whoever he is originally, would definitely come. That is always explicit. That is because the person whom Allah willed would come. It is a good thing to have good faith. Then he widened the scope of his prayer and said ; "I pray Allah that, .. Master Ahmet Yasin would be the Mahdi (a.s.)" May Allah be pleased with him. That is a very beautiful prayer, a very nice good faith. It would make us stronger and we will pray for him even harder. But that person who will be the Mahdi (as), he would be serving in this service for a long time, so he would feel that .. more or less, he would sense what would become of him. For that reason we are not the Mahdi (a.s) and we won't be. By the leave of Allah, .. we will be the commanders serving Mahdi (a.s). Insha'Allah.

2011-02-19 16:58:45

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