Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

His Highness Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi says that the Day of Judgment will come after Hijri 1500's. (Allah knows the truth)

We hope this year to be one of the most holiest and this month also most holiest month and it is a holy promise for believers.

And we have good tidings throught this new year 1432 and it is as we have been informed that this 15th century end wold's time and the day of resurrection will be after this 15th century is going to come. The day of resurrection.

Oh people come and listen east and west Assalamu alaikum attenders use your mentalities use your minds use your understanding and thinking on it. That for every beginning must be an end. And this world it has a begining and must be an ending and this ending is coming after 15th century. Allah knows.

2011-02-24 17:04:34

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