Sheikh Nazim al-Haqqani

Mr. Adnan Oktar's talk with Sheikh Nazım Al-Qubrusi in 1987

SHEIKH NAZIM: I say "May Almighty Allah bestow the rank and authority of Joseph (pbuh) on you". Do you recognize this gentleman?

LADY: Yes.

SHEIKH NAZIM: Who is he?

LADY: Isn't he Adnan Hodja, I recognized him from his picture.

ADNAN OKTAR: Thank you.

SHEIKH NAZIM: I pray that He will bestow on you both that rank and also the authority. Almighty Allah bestowed seclusion for salad upon our brother Adnan, in order to clothe him in the manifestation of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), his completion of that is sufficient now. He has given him authority by dressing well. We hope that Adnan Bey will perform the most immaculate services in the future. Through the secret of being a guide; - visible and also in other forms- through the secret of being a guide, there are services he will render and he has been rendering. We congratulate him. He has been written among the patients. One step ahead of the patients, he has also been written among those with whom Allah is pleased. His approval has also been given to him. I am thinking about this on myself. I look and see that it was not in the form that I could have borne. He, Masha'Allah, was young at the time. He completed his service. At times, guides suffer such slanders: but it did not harm you.

ADNAN OKTAR: May Allah be pleased with you Master, it was with your prayers and your help, insha'Allah.

SHEIKH NAZIM: Astagfirulllah, those are all in the past. Now, you have been clothed with a rank in the sight of the Prophet (saas). In this month of Muharram ash-Sherif, you have been clothed with a spiritual soul and a spirituality that will separate you both externally and spiritually and a perception, an inspiration with understanding has been bestowed on you. Upon that inspiration, do not concern yourself with things going on around. And then you will see the inspiration bestowed on your heart. Because as a result of this seclusion, as an entreat, a companion has been bound to your heart, bound through inspiration. And you will bear no ill will saying 'they have locked me up here, to those who have locked me, they have tried me, to those who have tried me, they have blamed me to those who have blamed me'.

ADNAN OKTAR: Insha'Allah.

SHEIKH NAZIM: Lower self would want to stay offended by those, but you are to reject that. And while you are on this way, there is now an obligation upon you. Without taking anyone beside you, you are to read the Holy Qur'an in that cell of yours, by placing it on a high carriage as if you were standing in the presence of the Sultan. Let it be a group, let it be two, let it be three, or a whole section if you like. After that, you will have a revenue. Spiritual revenue will be imparted on you as a reward. And that is inspiration and when that inspiration comes, you will not lose it. Once you have finished that reading, kneel down in the assembly. Take pen and paper and record what is born in your heart. That will be enhanced and broadened. It will be widened, not narrowed. It will increase. It will not decrease. You will thus perform a great service especially for those young people with a new perspective, a new understanding of the Holy Qur'an.

Since this is a secret of being a guide, I am charged with telling you this today, and you have sainthood. In other words, because you are saintly, you are one of the Awliya Allah (the friend of Allah). However now it is like a rose bud. Neither its color, nor its shape, nor its scent, are yet apparent. It will be apparent when it blooms. And Adnan Bey is like that now, that closed. Within a period of 24 hours, one time one Wali of Allah, one time another Wali of Allah, one time another Wali of Allah.. Approval came from 3 saints and they have considered his heart. This was when he was either in prison or in hospital, had they not considered like this, he would not be able to come out in that state. The travails of the dungeon could have harmed him, but did not. They did not leave him to be harmed, and his faith and rank are now very different from how he was before entering that chamber of seclusion.

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